Johor Bahru, Malaysia


The Professional Qualifications Academy

Established in 2001, Kolej ASA is owned and set up by family members – thus giving you a family-alike experience when you enroll in.

Welcoming all learners who are keen to seek knowledge, school leavers and working adults – providing the best solution and advise based on their learners qualification and work experience, so that every learner will be given the best available educational options.

Kolej ASA recognises’ the learners work experience via APEL(C) and provide the suitable credit transfer so that they’ll have the opportunity to have fee reduction as well as shorten the course duration – for certificate, diploma and degree programmes.

What is APEL(C)?

APEL(C) is a process whereby our assessors will assess the students work experience, formal or informal learning to decide on the available credit transfer avail for students.

No Hassle Application

All you need is just to fill up the APEL application form and weWe’ll guide you the rest

Very Responsive

We are very responsive when it comes to questions or even to process your application.


We are fully recognised by the Malaysian Government under MOHE as well as MQA / JPA.


(1) MQA Certificate of Business Management

(2) MQA Diploma in Management / Diploma in Accountancy

(3) MQA Bachelor in Business Administration (International Business) or (Finance)