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The Professional Qualifications Academy

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Scotland’s national body for qualifications, works across the UK and internationally with schools, colleges, universities and training organisations to develop and deliver their qualifications and assessments.

SQA provides a wide range of internationally recognised qualifications and associated services. SQA also awards a range of other qualifications, including customised awards to meet the needs of individual companies and organisations. In addition, SQA provides advice, support and services, such as expertise in assessment, that enable organisations to succeed in meeting a wide range of educational and workforce development challenges.

With business revolving around many aspects of our modern society, it is no wonder that business courses are amongst one of the most popular fields of study worldwide. Exclusively designed to prime learners with the knowledge and skills to manage business operations, the SQA Customised Diploma in Business & Operations Management (GN7G04) programme also offers learners the opportunity to exploit their creativity and devise effective management & operations strategies.

Upon successful completion, qualified students will be awarded the SQA Customised Diploma in Business & Operations Management by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Graduates will possess the aptitude and essential business skills required to excel and thrive in different types of industries.


SQA, UK Diploma in Business & Operations Management (GN7G04)

Progression Routes

(1) LMQ, UK Level 7 & Level 8 Advanced Diploma in Business Management (SCQF)

(2) PCIE (Paris College of International Education) Bachelor programmes

(3) SQA, UK Advanced Diploma